BJ's Brewpub has some vegan options

Address: 7755 Center Ave., Suite 300
Huntington Beach, CA, 92647
Phone: 714-500-2470
Fax: 714-500-2416
Checked by: Philip
Double checked by: Rob
Added: over 14 years ago
Double Checked: almost 14 years ago

Products by BJ's Brewpub:

Company Email:
"The BJ's beers on tap in our
restaurants are free of animal products, even the dark beers. The only
exceptions are the cask ales that are served in a few of our brewery
locations. We use finings in the cask ales, whereas our draft beers are
either filtered or unfiltered with no use of finings."

Company Email:
"BJ’s draft beers do not contain any animal-derived products. The only exception to this rule is our cask ales, which are clarified with isinglass. But we only serve cask ales in a few of our breweries outside of Texas."