Schug Carneros Estate Winery has some vegan options

Address: 602 Bonneau Road
Sonoma, CA, 95476
Phone: 707 939 9363 x 208
Fax: 707 939 9364
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Products by Schug Carneros Estate Winery:

Company email (September 2015):

"I just wanted to update our listings on Barnivore:

Schug Rouge de Noirs – Vegan
Schug Rose – Vegan
Schug White 2014+ - Vegan
Schug White 2013 and older – Not Vegan
Schug Red 2005+ - Vegan"

"Company Email: June 2010
"At Schug, we use a minimal amount of gelatin and/or isinglass in fining our whites, so they are not Vegan friendly.

However, our sparkling wine, rose and all our current (and near future) red wines are vegan friendly. (We produce 3 different Pinot Noirs, 2 Merlots, 2 Cabernet Sauvignons, a Cabernet Franc and a Syrah)""

Email Direct from Winery
"All Schug current release red wines are Vegan. No animal products are used
in the processing/filtration of these wines.

Schug’s Rouge de Noirs is the same.

Schug white wines are fined using animal products.

Schug’s rose wine is Vegan."