Don Sebastiani & Sons has some vegan options

Address: Sonoma, California, 95476
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Added: over 13 years ago
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Products by Don Sebastiani & Sons:

Company email (May 2020) re Smoking Loon:

"Unfortunately none of our wines are vegan, so we won't be on your list of approved wines."

Company email (July 2016) re: Big Green Box Wine:
"Our wines are made from traditional methods of wine production, as such the wine is not organic, vegan nor low in sulfites."

Company email (December 2013):
"I noticed your website states that our Smoking Loon wines are vegan friendly. While many of these wines used to be vegan friendly, now with wines coming from Chile, we can’t be 100% certain and do not make that claim. Is there a way to have this removed?"

Company email:
"Thanks for writing us here in Sonoma. Virtually all of our wines are vegan-friendly; currently our only non-vegan wine is our Pepperwood Grove Malbec, due to egg whites used in the fining process."