Max & Me has some vegan options

Address: 11 Murray Street
Eden Valley, Barossa, South Australia, 5235
Phone: (08) 8564 1072
Checked by: Rose
Double checked by: Company
Added: about 5 years ago

Products by Max & Me:

Company email (August 2023)
"I recently came across your website, and I noted that you have our Mirooloo Road Riesling as not vegan.
It is true that in vintages 2017, 2018 and 2019, skim milk powder was used for fining, so these three releases are vegetarian only.
For vintages 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, I made the decision to not use any milk (nor any other finings eg. gelatin, isinglass, pvpp, casein, vegecoll etc), so with no animal products used these are vegan. Wine, being a batch-process in the winemaking each year, means that you can make completely different winemaking decisions from one year to the next. As time goes on, I’m trying to include less and less additives other than grapes in our wines!"

Company email (June 2019)
"All of our red wines are made with no fining agents, so these are vegan friendly. Pre-bottling filtration is via a crossflow filter.

"For the Riesling, some skim milk powder is used as a fining agent. So only vegetarian friendly, not vegan. Again crossflow filtration is used here."