Georges Duboeuf is vegan friendly

Address: La gare 71570 Romanèche-Thorins
Phone: +33 (0)3 85 35 34 20
Checked by: Melissa
Double checked by: Rebecca, Danielle, Phalyn
Added: over 13 years ago
Double Checked: about 6 years ago

Products by Georges Duboeuf:

Company email (August 2016):
"Suite à votre demande, nous vous confirmons que nos produits ne contiennent pas de produits d’origine animale et qu’ils conviennent aux régimes « vegan »"

[Translation: "Following your request, we inform you that our products contain no animal products and are suitable for diets 'vegan'"]

Company email (March 2014):
"I confirm that our wines are suitable for vegans. We don’t use any animal products. No gelatine is used."

Company email (December 2013):
"We confirm that we don’ used animal products in the manufacturing of our wines."

Company email:
"We can confirm you that we don't use any animal ingredients (such as milk or eggs or others) in our process.
Our products can be drunk by vegetarian and vegan drinkers.
How products are elaborated according to traditional methods and we pay very attention to the high quality of our products all other the wine process."