Carolina Wine Brands has some vegan options

Address: Til Til 2228 Macul
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Products by Carolina Wine Brands:

Company email (October 2020)

"Animal-derived ingredients are not used in the main products of Santa by Santa Carolina with a large "SANTA" (or the Chillian Lion brand logo) on the label.

Main products:
* Santa by Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
* Santa by Santa Carolina Chardonnay 750ml
* Santa by Santa Carolina Carmenère / Petit Verdot 750ml
* Santa by Santa Carolina Merlot 750ml
* Santa by Santa Carolina Sauvignon Blanc 750ml"

Company email (July 2017) re Santa Carolina

"We don´t use animal products."

Company email (June 2017) re Antares:

"In this case, Antares we are no declaring it as wine suitable for vegan consumption. Although we are not using any clarifying of animal origin, but in this line we bought a percentage of the wine, which might had or might been in contact with enology’s inputs of animal origin."