Alexis Bailly Vineyard is vegan friendly

Address: 18200 Kirby Ave
Hastings, Minnesota, 55033
Phone: 651-437-1413
Checked by: Brandon
Double checked by: Anna
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 5 years ago

Products by Alexis Bailly Vineyard:

Company email (February 2019)
"Yes! Many wines are clarified using fish or dairy products, but not ours! You can be sure that every wine we make is 100:% vegan. Thanks for asking. We also sell vegan cheese from Herbivorous Butcher in our deli."

[Also has a prominent "All our wines are vegan!" banner at as seen in Feb 2019]

Company email (May 2017)

"Our wines are 100% vegan; always have been and we have no plans in the future to ever use fish gelatin or dairy products in our wines. We bottle all of our wines on premise ourselves."