Turkovich Wines has some vegan options

Address: 30471 Buckeye Road
Winters, California, 95694
Phone: 530-795-3842
Email: http://turkovichwines.com/contact/
URL: http://turkovichwines.com/
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Products by Turkovich Wines:

Company email (September 2015)

"Our Red and Sparkling wines are vegan-friendly. We do not use any products in the red wines that are animal ingredients, or animal products.

"However, for our White wines we do use a product that contains some isinglass, so our white wines would not be vegan-friendly.

"All our wines are processed in two locations. One is in Winters, California and the other in Mendoza, Argentina. Both of the locations are under our control and supervision so we can guarantee the products and methods used during the winemaking process."