Mendocino Wine Co has some vegan options

Address: 45070 Main Street
Mendocino, California, 95460
Phone: 800-860-3347
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Products by Mendocino Wine Co:

Company email (February 2020)
"Our 2017 Paul Dolan Cabernet Sauvignon is vegan and we have also committed to making all of our Paul Dolan wines 2018 and later as vegan."

Company email (June 2017)
"The 2015 Lodi ZinPhomaniac is also Vegan as is the 2014 Reserve Sonoma ZinPhomaniac."

Company email (July 2014):
"The current vintages of our Wines That Rock do not contain any animal ingredients or products in fining. We are the only ones who bottle our products."

Company email (December 2011):
"Thank you for your email. Checking our records the following Parducci wines are vegan. None of the Parducci wines are currently certified Biodynamic.

Parducci Sustainable White
Parducci Sustainable Red
Parducci Sauvignon Blanc
Parducci Chardonnay
Parducci Pinot Noir
Parducci Pinot Gris"

Company email (November 2011)
"We use egg whites for the red not the white"

Company email: (August 2008)
"2006 and 2007 Pinot Noir's are made without any animal byproducts.Some of the other wines are fined and finished with the use of egg whites or a gelatin."

Company email: (July 2008)
Thank you for the inquiry about animal products in the wine making process. I asked the Assistant Winemaker your questions and here is his reply.

We used egg white fining on…
Sustainable Red 05
Deep Red 05
Sketchbook PN 2006
Ditka Cab 05

We used gelatin fining on…
Parducci 05 Merlot
Parducci Petite Sirah 05
Big Yellow Cab 05
Rosso 04

No dairy, honey, bone char or isinglass.

Eggs we use are fresh from Northern California and Organic when needed."