Boutinot Limited has some vegan options

Address: Brook House Northenden Road
Gatley, Cheshire, SK8 4DN
Phone: +44 (0)161 908 1300
Checked by: Meghan
Double checked by: Jessica, Rebecca, Brittany
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: over 4 years ago

Products by Boutinot Limited:

According to their website (, retrieved May 2019,) the 2018 Orballo Albariño is vegan friendly.

Update (January 2018) added from a list supplied by Loungers, cross-referenced on the Boutinot site: Cape Heights Sauvignon Blanc, The Big Top White Zinfandel Rosé, El Monstruo de las Montañas Malbec Bonarda, Prime Cuts, Vega Piedra Rioja Tinto, Sierra Grande Chardonnay, MOKOblack Sauvignon Blanc, Percheron Shiraz Mourvèdre, Domaine de Vedilhan Serica Viognier, and Helter Skelter Merlot.

Company email (September 2017)
"I can confirm [The Underworld] is vegetarian but not vegan. A lot of our wines are vegetarian/vegan but we would have to check each one."

Company email (March 2015):
"All wines produced by Boutinot are bottled at the same site and are suitable for vegans.

You can search for these on our website - vegetarian are vegan are both search criteria."

Company email (March 2015):
"Thanks for your enquiry regarding Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge.

Happy to confirm that this wine is suitable for vegans, no animal products have been used in their production at that they are not produced under licence by anyone other than ourselves."