Arctic Beverage, LLC is vegan friendly

Address: 7251 NE 2nd Ave - Unit #112
Miami, FL, 33138
Phone: 888-296-7044
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Products by Arctic Beverage, LLC:

Company email (January 2015):
"Both Ceradello, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco are 100% vegan friendly wines. No animal ingredients have been used, neither in the wine-making process nor in the filtration process.
The vineyards are located in the Veneto and Friuli area (North-East Italy), and the grapes are cultivated according to the officially certified procedure for organic growing. Both wines come from estate grown grapes in the winemaker family owned, Albino Armani winery.
As a matter of fact, we have participated with both wines at the vegan friendly SEED, Miami food & wine festival sponsored by Whole Foods."