Burch Family Wines has some vegan options

Address: PO Box 180
North Fremantle, Western Australia, 6159
Phone: (618) 9336 9600
Fax: (618) 9336 9622
Email: wineclub@hpw.com.au
URL: https://www.howardparkwines.com.au/
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Added: about 9 years ago
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Products by Burch Family Wines:

Company email (August 2020)

"At the moment our MadFish and Howard Park wines are not vegan - we are working on producing the MadFish range as vegan and this will come on line with some of our new releases from the 2020 vintage.

"We have a range of wines called Mon Tout and these are all vegan"

Company email (December 2014):

"I’m sorry to advise that currently our wines are not vegan – milk products are used in the processing of our white wines and egg products are used in the processing of our red wines."