Aravina Estate is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 61 Thornton Road
Yallingup, WA, 6282
Phone: (08) 9750 1111
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Added: almost 8 years ago

Products by Aravina Estate:

Company email (October 2014):
"Most wine is fined toward the end of its processing and most is fined with some type of animal derivative (no matter what cellar door staff tell you). However the fining agents are not contained in the wine unless the wine is not filtered which is highly unlikely if white and not common for red. Part of the filtration is that it goes through a membrane filtration system which removes the smallest of solid including any fining agent. The FSANZ state that by law all food manufacturers need to state what products they have used in the processing steps even though those agents/products/ingredients are not contained in the end product."