Precept Wine has some vegan options

Address: 1910 Fairview Avenue East, Suite 400
Seattle, Washington, 98102
Phone: 206.267.5252
Fax: 206-267-5251
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Products by Precept Wine:

Company email (November 2022) re: House Wine Chardonnay
"Most traces of casein would likely be filtered out prior to bottling. However, we do not test to determine if there is residual casein in the product - anything that does remain would be extremely trace amounts. Unfortunately, if you are risk-averse, we would suggest avoiding it."

Company email (December 2020) re Madame Liberté:
"Our wine does use egg whites as a fining agent during the fermentation process."

Company email (April 2019) re Pendulum Cab:
"Our pendulum cab does not contain any animal byproducts in production or fining of the wine."

Company email (March 2019) re House Wine:
"Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that all of our products are vegan. Many of our cans do not use animal products during production or in the fining process, however they are produced in facilities which may use them in other products. Our winemakers and vineyards have committed to prioritizing the highest quality of wine produced, so a lot of our processes also change from year to year. For these reasons, we are unable to label any of our products as vegan."

Company email (October 2018) re Red Theory Wines:
"Unfortunately, our wines like most wines are produced in facilities that practice non-vegan friendly methods. A good amount of our fining methods use animal byproducts so we cannot guarantee that any of our wines are completely vegan."

Company email (July 2016) re: Provisions:
"Provisions wines are not vegan. Though we do not use egg fining or other practices in the wine-making process of some varietals, all Provisions wines are produced in a facility that is not vegan-certified or regulated as such." [Note: sometimes this means that they're just being overly cautious, but as all other Precept brands are non-vegan we'll go with the red for now]

Company email (March 2015):
"Most of their wines use egg white to remove tannins in their red wine."

Company email (October 2014): re: Radius Wines
"Our wines do contain animal byproducts (eggs) acquired during the fining process."

Company email (December 2013): re: Chocolate Shop Wines
"For the most part we do not use any animal bi-products in the fining of our wines but I cannot 100% guarantee that they are completely vegan friendly. I know that isn't that helpful. If we do use anything it would be egg whites."

Company email (September 2011):
"Unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee that a wine is vegan. For most of our wines we do not use any animal ingredients during the fining process but there is no way to know 100% that we didn’t for Chocolate Shop. Also, we do use chocolate extract so there may be animal ingredients in the chocolate as well."

Company email: Re: Rainier Ridge via parent company Precept Brands:
"All of our Washington wines except for Waterbrook are vegan friendly. Some Waterbrook wines use egg whites as a fining agent."

Update: June 2009
"Any of our value wine should fit the bill for you – we use Bentonite and diatomaceous earth for fining and stabilizing, both are mineral products." (Then listed all wines which are marked as vegan-friendly)