Moncaro is vegan friendly

Address: Via redoubled, 7 / A
60036 Montecarotto (n)
Phone: +39 89 245 0731
Fax: +39 0731 89237
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Company email (January 2014): re: Marche Trebbiano Moncaro
"Le confermo che il Marche Trebbiano Moncaro può essere bevuto sia da vegetariani sia da vegani in quanto non contiene nessun ingrediente di origine animale né vengono usate sostanze di derivazione animale durante la sua lavorazione."

[Translated by Domi] "I hereby confirm that the Marche Trebbiano Moncaro can be drunk by both vegetarians to vegans is because they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin or derived from animal substances are used during processing."

Note from Domi (January 2014):
"I'm fairly sure this is the brand of Trebbiano they sell at Ask Italian restaurant chains (although Ask are currently in the process of checking their wines themselves)."