Stella Rosa has some vegan options

Address: 737 Lamar St
Los Angeles, California, 90031
Phone: 888-223-1401
Checked by: Trav
Double checked by: Lynette, Company, Palvi
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Products by Stella Rosa:

Company email (April 2020)

"Thank you for reaching out. Not all Stella wines are vegan, however, below are the flavors that are:

Green Apple
Platinum French Vanilla
Moscato (blue capsule)
Tropical Mango
Black Lux
Pearl Lux
Pearl Lux Rosé
Orange Moscato
Ruby Rosé Grapefruit"

Company email (January 2019)
"We have confirmed from our sources in Italy that the following Stella Rosa products DO NOT contain any animal products and had no animal products used as a part of the wine making process.

Stella Rosa Black
Stella Rosa Red
Stella Rosa Gold
Stella Rosa Platinum
Stella Rosa Rosé
Stella Rosa Berry
Stella Rosa Pink
Stella Rosa Peach
Stella Rosa Green Apple
Stella Rosa Red Apple
Stella Rosa Tropical Mango"

Followup: "I also just got confirmation that Stella Rosa Black Lux and Stella Rosa Moscato (Blue Cap, Not Moscato D'asti) are 100% vegan as well!"

Followup: "Please remove Stella Rosa red apple from the list of vegan products and additionally please add Stella Rosa Prosecco and Pearl Lux, as I just got confirmation these are 100% vegan products as well."

Company email (September 2013):
"All Stella Rosa wines are gluten free. However, they are not vegan due to the use of gelatin in the production process."

Company email (February 2013):
"We don't have complete and formal nutritional information for our wines so unfortunately I can't give you an answer. But we appreciate your question and hopefully hope we'll have that info soon."