Chapel Down has some vegan options

Address: Small Hythe
Tenterden, Kent, TN30 7NG
Phone: 01580 763033
Checked by: Carole
Double checked by: Jacqueline, Chris, Liam, Sean, Robin
Added: about 11 years ago
Double Checked: almost 5 years ago

Products by Chapel Down:

Robin notes (June 2019) re: Chapel Down wine
"I have today (28th June 2019) been on a tour of the vineyard at Tenterden, Kent, UK. I asked about the filtering process for their wine and it was confirmed that gelatine is used, therefore none of their wines are vegan."

Company email (June 2018)
"Curious Brew is also vegan friendly however none of our other products are." [from the same person who asked about Curious IPA below; in context they're saying both are vegan]

Company email (June 2018)
"Our Curious IPA is indeed suitable for vegans."

According to their website (, retrieved January 2018)
"[Curious Beer] is suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

Note from Chris (June 2015):
"I just wanted to update your list of ‘Chapel Down’ wines. On your website, a number of their wines are listed as vegan friendly, but having spoken to their customer service today (who checked with the winemaker), they have said that none of their wines are vegan now."

Company email (March 2013):
"I’m afraid our wines and beers are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have three sparkling wines that are suitable for vegetarians (Pinot Reserve, Blanc de Blancs and Rose Brut). I hope this helps."

Company email (February 2013):
"Sorry they are not suitable for vegans."