Distilleria Bottega has some vegan options

Address: Vicolo Aldo Bottega, 2
Bibano di Godega Sant'Urbano (TV), 31010
Phone: +39 0438 4067
Email: info@alexander.it
URL: http://www.alexander.it/
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Products by Distilleria Bottega:

Company email (December 2019)

"Currently we are working to receive a certification for our Bottega Rose Gold therefore for this product we can guarantee 100% that no animal origin fining agent are used for what concern the others we will soon start the certification procedure."

Company email (May 2012):

"I confirm you that Distilleria Bottega products (Wine, grappas and liquors - except for milk cream like Fior di latte or Latte Macchiato or other liquors that specifically contain animal ingredients well descripted in ingredients list) don't contain any animal ingredients or additives (expecially those used in wine filtration)."