Zorvino Vineyards has some vegan options

Address: 226 Main Street
Sandown, NH
Phone: 603-887-8463
Email: info@zorvino.com
URL: www.zorvino.com
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Added: about 12 years ago

Products by Zorvino Vineyards:

Company email (May 2012):
"Although there is no animal ingredients in the actual wine, there is in the filtering process of our fruit wines and the blended wines. From what our vitner told me.....there are enough tanins in the "grape" wines that we do not need to use the isinglass to filter.

You would not be able to drink our fruit wines or the blends (Blends...Cranzeeno, Bacca, Fragole)
That does leave red and white wines and we have quite a few of them!"