Louis Guntrum is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Rheinallee 62
Nierstein, D-55283
Phone: 06133 / 9717-0
Fax: 06133 / 9717-17
Email: info@guntrum.de
URL: http://www.guntrum.de/
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Company email (April 2012):
"There is a general duty of declaration, in case there had been used any animal protein products. To avoid any declaration we do not need any of these fining agents. Isingglass we do use, but using this fining agent is not binding to declare (corresponding to german wine law), simply because there are zero residues of this agent in the wine. Isingglass binds and reduces bitter tannins, but does not add anything of its own substance to the wine.

Indeed we do have suppliers too. But they also do follow the same policy like us, of avoiding any declaration-binding fining agent. However, in case there would have been used some, it would be declared on the lable, as German wine law does oblige."