Joel Gott Wines is NOT vegan friendly

Address: P.O. Box 539
Saint Helena, California, 94574
Phone: 707-963-3365
Checked by: Erin
Double checked by: Kevin, Rachelle
Added: over 11 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Products by Joel Gott Wines:

Company email (September 2019)
[Parent company sent PDF listing their wines]

Company email (September 2017)
"Our wines are not vegan, some of the white wine lots that we blend together for our white wines do get casein based fining products added to them. It is not a guarantee that all of our white wine lots gets these products, but, because we blend different lots from different vineyards, we have to consider all of the lots being affected. The same holds true for our red wines where we do use gelatin on some lots. We have trialed vegan fining products in the past, but, at this time have found that they tend to be less effective than animal based products and reduce wine quality."

Company email (June 2011):

"We make a lot of different wines at a lot of different facilities, but as a general rule we do use animal based products on our white wines. On the reds we do not, except on our Zinfandel and 815 Cabernet where we may or may not use a tiny % of gelatin." [Note: at this time these are the only reds Joel Gott appears to make]