Hope Family Wines has some vegan options

Address: P.O. Box 3260
Paso Robles, California, 93447
Phone: (805) 238.6979
Fax: (805) 237.2994
Email: info@hfwines.com
URL: http://www.hopefamilywines.com/
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Products by Hope Family Wines:

Company email (August 2017) re: Liberty School
"My data shows we used a product that contains caseinate, a milk protein, and is therefore not vegan."

Company email (Feb 2012):
Below is a list of our current wines that are vegan. As you mentioned, we do use fining products on a wine-by-wine bases so please make note of that to insure your users are appropriately informed.

Treana Red 08 & 09
Treana White 09 & 10
Austin Hope Syrah 09 & 10
Austin Hope Grenache 09 & 10
Candor Zin Lot 2 & Lot 3
Liberty School Cabernet 09
Liberty School Chardonnay 09 & 10
Liberty School Cuvee 09

Company email (January 2012):
"Yes, we have used fining products in some of our past wines. Our current wines were not fined, exception being the white and rose’ that will always have bentonite to make them heat stable." [note: we're currently trying to get a list of vintages]

Company email (August 2011):
"At certain times, we do you use animal products in the fining process of our wines however, it is all filtered out prior to bottling."