Vegan Vine Winery is vegan friendly

Address: 1 Hummingbird Lane
San Martin, CA, 95046
Phone: (408) 686-1050
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Products by Vegan Vine Winery:

Company Email:
"I am with The Vegan Vine, a new wine label from family-owned winery Clos LaChance. The Vegan Vine is brand new to the market and we would love to have it included in your wine list. We would also like to send you samples so you can review it.

We are currently in select Whole Foods in California, Texas and Georgia and have distributors in Washington and. Oregon The Vegan Vine offers California Central Coast wines including Sauvignon Blanc ($9.99), Cabernet Sauvignon ($12.99) and Rhone ($11.99) varietals.

The Vegan Vine does not use any animal products in wine production. We allow the wines to naturally settle out the undesirable particles and the winery has the benefit of a climate and terroir that creates a softer, naturally occurring wine. The excess compounds are removed with sterile filtration, that promotes the
freshness of the wine, without animal products.

Clos LaChance has been making wine since 1992. We have a tradition of great wines and The Vegan Vine is no exception."