Hedges Family Estate is vegan friendly

Address: 53511 N Sunset Road
Benton City, WA, 99320
Phone: (509) 588-3155
Email: info@hedgesfamilyestate.com
URL: http://www.hedgesfamilyestate.com/
Checked by: Brett
Double checked by: Heman, Company contacted us!
Added: about 13 years ago
Double Checked: almost 11 years ago

Products by Hedges Family Estate:

Company email (September 2013):
"Hey thereā€¦ just wanted to let you know that all of our wines are vegan. CMS, Hedges Family Estate and House of Independent Producers. We'd love to be on your list as my wife and I are vegan."

Company email (September 2011):
"We don't use any animal products for fining. We DE filter, which I have heard may or may not be Vegan friendly depending on who you talk to. [note: Barnivore considers DE, or Diatomaceous Earth, vegan friendly]"

Company email:
"Yes, all of our products are vegan-friendly."