Wyldewood Cellars is vegan friendly

Address: 951 W 119th Street South
Peck, Kansas, 67120
Phone: 316-554-9463
Fax: 316-554-9191
Email: merry@wyldewoodcellars.com
URL: http://wyldewoodcellars.com/
Checked by: Marlene
Double checked by: Marsha
Added: over 11 years ago
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Products by Wyldewood Cellars:

Company email (October 2019)
"The only fining agent we use occasionally is glycerin and no that is not derived from animal products."

Company email (circa 2010)

"I double-checked with the wine production manager, and NO, we do not use any animal products in producing our wines, and we filter with very dense fibered paper filters."