Lammsbräu Glutenfrei is Vegan Friendly

by Neumarkter Lammsbräu
Address: Amberger Straße 1
Neumarkt, 92318
Phone: 09181 404-0
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Company email (June 2012):
"First of all we can say that Lammsbräu beverages contain no animal ingredients and our products are only manufactured in Neumarkt / Opf.
The organic raw materials (organic grain and hops) are directly transported to our brewery. The grain is processed in our 100% organic malt house without any additives or preservatives (e.g. sulphur).
The organic hops flowers are dried after the harvest and immediately packaged. We only use entire organic hops flowers instead of the frequently used, already pre-processed hops pellets or hops extracts. In the brewing, fermentation (done with our own, pure-bread-yeast) and storage process, we work entirely without any additives. The beer clarification is done via cold treatment (storage at very low temperatures) and a diatomaceous earth filter prior to bottling.
The only non-vegan component in our entire beer manufacturing process is the glue that we use for the labelling of our bottles. The labelling glue is made with casein, a substance that originates from pigs. We already investigated alternatives for this glue, but found no viable replacement glue. Water-based glues are not feasible because the bottling takes place in a wet environment and some of our products (e.g. non-alcoholic beverages) must be pasteurized. Another possibility would be solvent-based glues, but the environmental impact of this kind of glue would be too severe."

[As per Barnivore doesn't currently factor label glue into its determinations]

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