10 Barrel Raspberry Crush is Vegan Friendly

by 10 Barrel Brewing
Address: 62970 18th Stree
Bend, Oregon, 97701
Phone: (541) 585-1007
Fax: (541) 585-1008
URL: http://www.10barrel.com/
Checked by: Brad
Double checked by: Julie, Parker
Added: over 11 years ago
Double Checked: about 4 years ago

Company email (August 2019)
"99% of our beers (besides the occasional milk stout) are totally vegan friendly - including pub beer!"

Company email (May 2017)
"The majority of 10 Barrel's beers that you'll find on shelves are vegan, and in the pubs it's a case by case basis, as some beers chocolate or lactose. If you visit one of 10 Barrel's pubs you can ask a server or bartender to guide you in choosing a vegan beer option. If you have a specific 10 Barrel brand in mind, we're happy to answer that specific question on whether or not it is vegan."

Company Facebook response (May 2012):
"Thanks for your inquiry. All of our beer is Vegan....We don't use any gelatin....Cheers!"

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