Port City Tidings is Not Vegan Friendly

by Port City Brewing
Address: 3950 Wheeler Ave
Alexandria, Virginia
Phone: 703.797.2739
Email: http://www.portcitybrewing.com/company/contact/
URL: http://www.portcitybrewing.com/
Checked by: Jon
Double checked by: Tammy, Kat
Added: about 12 years ago
Double Checked: over 6 years ago

Company email (February 2018)
"All of our cask beers use isinglass which is not suitable for vegans- our other non-vegan beer is Tidings which is made with honey. The rest of our beers are suitable for vegans!"

Company email (March 2015)
"It sure is. All of our beer is vegan friendly, the only exception being our Revival Oyster Stout and when our beers have been cask conditioned, which you'll know because it will say cask or firkin."

Company email (May 2012):
"We have used honey in our holiday ale, Tidings, and our cask ales are fined.

Our brewery in local Alexandria is the only place where our beer is brewed & packaged."

Company website (April 2012):
They actually add oysters to the Port City Revival Stout. See http://www.portcitybrewing.com/beer/revival/ for confirmation.

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