Adelsheim Caitlin’s Reserve Chardonnay (all vintages) is Vegan Friendly

by Adelsheim Vineyard
Address: 16800 NE Calkins Lane
Newberg, OR, 97132
Phone: 503-538-3652
Checked by: Jason S.
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Added: about 12 years ago

Company email (April 2012):
"None of our wine contains animal ingredients. However, we do use certain animal-derived fining materials in the production of some of our wines. These materials absolutely do not remain in the wine in any measurable way—they clump with tannins and fall out of solution. Further, these materials are used in ridiculously small amounts. However, as a former vegan myself, I do understand your concerns regarding the use of animal-derived compounds during the production process, and I am aware that use of such compounds results in a product not technically considered vegan by most people. As such, I’ve listed only those wines that did not use any animal-derived products during wine production.

All Caitlin’s Reserve Chardonnay vintages
All Stoller Chardonnay vintages
All single vineyard Pinot noirs
Willamette Valley Pinot noirs from 2008 and earlier, and the 2011 will be
Elizabeth Reserve Pinot noirs from 2008 and earlier, and the 2011 will be"

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