Steenbrugge Dubbel Bruin is Vegan Friendly

by Palm Brewery
Address: Steenhuffeldorp 3
B-1840 Steenhuffel
Phone: +32 (0)52 31 74 61
Checked by: Karoliina
Double checked by: Tilo, Dave, Friso
Added: about 12 years ago
Double Checked: about 7 years ago

Company email (June 2017)
"Our breweries are fully vegetarian and all our beers fit within a vegetarian diet. Our breweries in Steenhuffel where the beers Palm, Cornet, Steenbrugge, Brugge Tripel, Estaminet and Arthur's Legacy are made, Roeselare where Rodenbach is made, Berkel Enschot where the La Trappe beers are made, Bodegraven with the beers De Molen and the Habesha brewery in Ethiopia are vegan. These breweries don't use any animal products. The brewery in Lieshout, where among others Bavaria and Swinckels' are made, is not vegan. An additive from animal origin is being used during the filtration process. This additive does not end up in the final product, which is why our beers (Bavaria and Swinckels') are vegetarian, but not vegan."

Company email (April 2012):
"Ik kan u bevestigen dat wij voor onze bieren geen gebruik maken van ingrediƫnten en/of technische hulpstoffen afkomstig van dierlijke oorsprong.

Alle onderstaande producten worden enkel en alleen geproduceerd op onze site in Steenhuffel."

[Translation]: "I can confirm that we - for our beers - don't make use of ingredients and/or technical additives derived from animal origin. All products listed below (i.e.
Dobbel Palm
Palm Royale
Palm N.A.
Palm Sauvin
Steenbrugge Tripel
Steenbrugge Dubbel Bruin
Steenbrugge Blond
Steenbrugge Wit-Blanche
Steenbrugge Abdij Bock
Brugge Tripel
Estaminet Premium Pils)are only produced on our site in Steenhuffel."

Company Email: June 2010
"I can confirm that all the ingredients/products used to brew our beers, are free of animal-derived materials."

Company Email:
"I can confirm that Palm is a vegetarian beer. The ingredients and the process of Palm are free of products from animal origin."

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