Bear Republic XP Pale Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Bear Republic Brewing Company
Address: 110 Sandholm Lane, Suite 10
Cloverdale, CA, 95425
Phone: (707)894-2291
Checked by: Meghan
Double checked by: Brett, Ashely, Brett, Bob, Company
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Double Checked: almost 7 years ago

Company email (October 2015):
"I would like to update our status on Barnivore as we have not used animal products in any of our beers at either of our facilities for more than a year."

Company email (March 2012):
"Bear Republic Brewing Company beers brewed in our Cloverdale facility are all run through the centrifuge and do not contain any animal products. Many of our specialty ales and lagers are brewed at our Pub in Healdsburg where we use finings to clarify the beer. Racer 5 IPA(r), Hop Rod Rye(tm), Red Rocket Ale(r), XP Pale Ale(tm), Peter Brown Tribute Ale(tm) and Big Bear Black Stout(tm) are all made in Cloverdale and do not contain animal products."

Email from Chris, November 2011:

"I recently spoke with Peter regarding Bear Republic Beer (in the past 2 weeks) and your site is not exactly correct: All beer produced at the Cloverdale facility is vegan (these are all bottles) but the beer produced in Healdsburg is still fined using pork products (mainly kegs and Peter Brown Tribute Ale in 22oz bottles)."

Company Email:
"Wanted to send you an update on the vegan status of our beers. As of January 24, all of our beers are vegan friendly. The use of our new centrifuge, the purchase of which was partially influenced by a desire to eliminate the use of animal products, has allowed us to make this step.
Please let your vegan brethren know about this positive step forward."

Company Email:
"We have received delivery of our centrifuge. At this time, we are running about half of our beer through the unit. We anticipate full use by March 1st. We are getting closer to being safe for vegetarians. As always, Big Bear Black (our stout) is unfined."

Company email:
"I am sorry to let you know that our beer is not vegan friendly. We do use gelatin in our products."

Ashley says:
"Hey, I just wanted to let y'all know that I spoke with the people from Bear Republic Brewing today and confirmed that they do, indeed, use gelatin in the brewing of all their beers except for the occasional 'special edition' type."

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