Cune Monopole is Vegan Friendly

by CVNE (Compañia Vitivinícola del Norte de Españá)
Address: Barrio de la Estación S/N
La Rioja, Haro, 26200
Phone: (+34) 941 304 800
Fax: (+34) 941 304 815
Checked by: Manuel
Double checked by: Thomas
Added: over 12 years ago

Company email (December 2018)
"We indicate that we have vegan wines such as:
Asúa Crianza
Cune Reserva and Gran Reserva
Imperial Reserva and Gran Reserva
Real de Asúa
Pagos de Viña Real

"We use for the clarification a product that comes from the grape seed."

Company email (February 2012):
Translation: "We inform you that we clarify our red wines with egg-white. We can't assure that there is no traces of egg-white in our red wines. In the rest of our series (White, Semisweet and Rosé) we don't use anything from animals."

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