St Martin Dark is Vegan Friendly

by Brunehaut Brewery
Checked by: Calypso Imports
Double checked by: AngelA, Jason
Added: almost 10 years ago

[Note: Brunehaut Amber and Brunehaut Blonde are gluten-free]

Company email, December 2011:

"I confirm you that none of our beers are containing any animal ingredient in the product nor in the process. Also, our beer are only produced by ourselves.

So, you can consider them all Vegan."

Email from the importer:
"Please add Brasserie de Brunehaut to your list of beers that are vegan. Calypso Organic Selections is the importer of this lovely trio of Belgians: white, blond and amber." [Note: the importer has changed to C2Imports]

Company Email:
"Our organic beers are fully vegan."

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