Some Young Punks 2010 Lust Collides is Vegan Friendly

by Some Young Punks
Address: Australia
Checked by: Luc
Double checked by: Danielle, Jayne
Added: about 9 years ago

Jayne notes (November 2016):
"2014 passion for red lips by some young punks now contains milk... it states it on the bottle."

Company email (February 2014):
"all reds are suitable for vegans, white aren't (all are fined with milk products). So you're good to go with any of the red wines."

Company email (December 2011)
"Most of our reds are vegan friendly, all the whites unfortunately are out of the question. Available at the moment suitable are the following:
'10 Lust Collides
'10 Fierce Allure
'10 Double Love Trouble
'10 Passion has Red Lip"

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