A. Le Coq Cuba Libre is Vegan Friendly

by A. Le Coq
Address: Laulupeo pst 15
50050 Tartu
Phone: (+372) 744 9711
Email: info@alecoq.ee
URL: http://www.alecoq.ee/en/
Checked by: Joel
Double checked by: Марина's, Tal
Added: 3 months ago

Company email (March 2024)
"All of our cocktails, except for Tequila Sunrise, are 100% vegan products."

Company email (June 2022):
"Я просто хотела узнать, какой краситель у каротиноидного красителя в Long Drink A. Le Coq? Просто порой это желатин, а я его не употребляю."

Марина's Translation:
"The beta-carotene in AS A.LeCoq G:N Grapefruit is vegan suitable, therefore we can conclude that he beta-carotene isn’t from gelatine. "

Company email (June 2015):
"Our beers do not contain any materials, nor have we used any organic material of animal origin in the production. For clarification we use cooling, sedimentation, silicagel and diatomaceous earth filtration."

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