Marionette Dry Cassis Liqueur is Vegan Friendly

by Marionette Liqueurs
Address: 4 Nevin Drive
Thomastown, Victoria, 3074
Checked by: Daniel
Double checked by:
Added: 7 months ago

Company email (December 2023)
"Happy to confirm you are all good on the Peach, Amaretto and Nocino as well, they are also vegan friendly."

Company email (December 2023)
"You are absolutely good to go on the berry products - ie the Mure, Dry Cassis, Groiselle. We process everything ourselves - there are no concerns re-external contractor ingredients / processing / filtration. We also oversee bottling and again there is no risk of contamination on that front.

Should be absolutely all good on the citrus products also, but I'm just looping in Hugh who manages production, he's going to check with the suppliers that produce the wine & muscat that go into our Peach, Amaretto & Nocino. We're pretty confident that we've had these chats but it was a long time ago so want to make sure they haven't changed anything in their processes before we give you the all clear. Once we have that confirmation I'll let you know whether we have the green light on that front for the entire range next week. "

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