Pitú is Vegan Friendly

by Underberg AG
Address: Industriestrasse 31
8305 Dietlikon
Phone: 00 41 44 805 18 73
Fax: 00 41 44 805 18 00
Email: international@underberg.com
URL: http://www.underberg.com/
Checked by: Robin
Double checked by: Shane
Added: over 12 years ago

Company email (May 2013):
"Underberg is a 100% natural product that only contains three basic ingredients: purified water, kosher alcohol and herbal extracts. The 'natural proteins' mentioned on the ingredients list are resulting from the herbal extracts. Underberg simply does not contain any animal ingredients at any stage of the production process."

Company email (November 2011)
"Our Pitu includes no animal ingredients and for the producing process we use also no animal auxiliary materials. Admittedly the glue includes Casein ."

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