Port Brewing is Vegan Friendly

by The Lost Abbey
Checked by: Jeremy
Double checked by: Danielle, Richard, Eric
Added: 2 months ago

Company email (December 2023) re:Port Brewing
"We make Vegan friendly beers. They are centrifuged for clarity and nothing else."

Company email (December 2017):
"We only produce our beers at our brewery in San Marcos, and the only beer we produce that is not vegan is our Board meeting, which has Lactose in it. None of our filtering is done with any animal products. (There was a time years ago when our clarifier wasn’t vegan, but that is no longer the case)."

Company Email (May 2010):
"We produce a total of 36 beers. Of those, only two -- Witch's Wit and Ten Commandments have honey added. There are no animal products used in our filtration / clarification process."

Company Email (circa 2009):
"Some of our seasonal beers contain Honey (10 Commandments and Witch's Wit). The rest of the stuff about animal products, we should be in the clear on with the rest of our beers."

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