Amici Olema Sauvignon Blanc is Vegan Friendly

by Amici Cellars
Address: 3130 Old Lawley Toll Road
Calistoga, California, 94515
Phone: (707) 967-9560
Fax: (800) 852-2172
Checked by: Dori
Double checked by: Melissa
Added: over 1 year ago

Company email (November 2022)
"the Olema Sauvignon Blanc is indeed vegan and does not contain any egg or animal products so you can serve it in confidence."

Company email (November 2016)
"Our white wines in current circulation are entirely vegan. The use of animal derived products in the wine industry is largely to remove tannin, which is not (usually) a problem in white wine production (intead we fine with bentonite - a form of clay - to remove protein).

"Of the reds you listed, it goes on a case by case basis if we need to fine for tannins. The 2013 Amici Pinot Noir Reserve is the only one you listed I know for sure to be vegan. It was lightly fined with yeast proteins (Fungii derived) only. The other two were include lots that were fined with egg white protein."

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