Krang Spirits Raspberry is Vegan Friendly

by Krang Spirits
Address: 315 1 St E
Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 1Z2
Phone: (403) 630-2431
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Company email (September 2022)
"We currently make 7 kinds of liqueurs. As far as I know there are no animal products used in our filtering processes – only charcoal made from coconuts and filter pads made from deciduous and conifer trees and diatomaceous earth. Other than in Krupnik, all sweeteners are cane sugar.

Krupnik – Spiced Honey - some vegans agree with the use of honey, some do not. The spices and vanilla are vegan. Base alcohol is made from corn

Bad Billy – Coffee – Chocolate – there is also some orange essence. The coffee and cacao and oranges are vegan. Base alcohol is made from corn.

Persephone – Hibiscus Cranberry – all spices are vegan. Base alcohol is made from corn

Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Blueberry, Black Currant – these are all made from alcohol made from sugar, fruit and additional sugar.

I believe our glass bottles are vegan, our mixing tanks and filling lines are stainless steel and polyethylene, the lids are plastic, the sleeves are plastic and the labels are paper. I truly have no idea about the ink on the labels or the adhesives."

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