Trebjesa Brewery Nikšićko Tamno is Vegan Friendly

by Trebjesa Brewery
Address: Njegoseva 18 Nikšić, 81400
Phone: +382 83-42-433
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Company email (April 2022)
"Thank you for your interest in our products. In connection with your inquiry, we would like to inform you that in the technological process of production of our beers we do not use raw materials or auxiliaries (for filtration, etc.) that are of animal origin or contain components of animal origin.

Apatinska Pivara and Zagrebačka Pivara have a license for the production of our brands, and they apply the same technological production procedure as Trebjes Brewery.

Both in the technological process and in terms of all raw materials and auxiliaries used in the beer production process, they must not deviate from our recipe."

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