Ethica Wines Antica Quercia is Not Vegan Friendly

by Ethica Wines
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Company email (February 2022) RE: La Gioiosa DOS Treviso
"Yes, La Gioiosa DOC Treviso is VEGAN CERTIFIED, so no animal product has been used. Just so you know, also the other wines of La Gioiosa, such as Prosecco Rose’ or Prosecco Superiore DOCG are vegan-friendly.”

Regarding more Vegan or Vega-Friendly wines in our portfolio, following more options, in red [replaced with BOLD and ITALICS] our BEST WINES. More information in our ONLINE CATALOG.
• Alta Mora (also organic)
• Anselmi
• Antica Quercia (also Organic)
• Ca’ dei Zago
• Cafaggio (also Organic) expect for the Single Estate
• Villalta
• Cordero di Montezemolo (also organic)
• Cusumano (also organic)
• Fontanabianca (also organic)
• Lavis (also organic)
• Movia (also organic)
• Nicolis (also organic)
• Nino Franco (also organic)
• Ricasoli (also organic)
• Bellavista
• Petra (also organic)
• Borgogno
• Mirafiore (also organic)"

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