Malbygg Dingull Pale Ale 5.3% is Vegan Friendly

by Malbygg Brewery
Address: Skútuvogur 1G, 104 Reykjavík,
Phone: +354 7929800
Checked by: Siggi
Double checked by:
Added: over 2 years ago

Note from Siggi
"they don't use real marshmallows, but vegan marshmallow flavouring. They sent me this picture with info about the flavouring." (and it says vegan)

Company email (February 2022)
"In general our beers are vegan, but there are a few exceptions. Bjössi Bolla and Kaffibolla are not vegan because there is kókosbolla (coconut fudge candy) in the beer and kókosbolla contains eggs and milk chocolate. We have made 2 beers containing lactose (hnetubrjótur jólabjór, and one beer that was a one off brew in cooperation with brewgooder called Dark matter) they are for that reason not vegan. All the beers that are sold in ÁTVR (the Icelandic liquor store) are vegan except for Bjössi Bolla and Kaffibolla."

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