Metaxa 12 Stars is Unknown

by S. &E. &A. Metaxa A.B.E.
Address: 6, A. Metaxa Str., 145 64 Kifissia
Checked by: Janet
Double checked by: Daniel, Marie, Karina
Added: over 3 years ago
Double Checked: about 3 years ago

Karina notes (June 2021)

"I have worked together and taken part of a masterclass with Metaxa Brand Ambassador, who with no context of discussing it's vegan status, stated that all Metaxa contain honey as an ingredient."

Given the repeated flags from the community on this one, we're flipping Metaxa's products to unknown for the foreseeable future.

Company email (March 2021)

"Please note that Metaxa spirits do not contain any honey." [Assuming they classify the honey shot as something else here]

Marie suggested (March 2021) that Metaxa contained honey. While it looks like they've added a honey-based product (Metaxa honey shot) it's not clear if their core products have honey added (they only refer to "botanicals")

We're checking!

Company email (June 2017)
"There is no use of animal ingredients or animal by-products in the whole of the Metaxa production circle. This means that Metaxa products can be considered vegan, however there is no such certification as of yet. It is plausible that in the future we will consider that alternative. Manufacturing and bottling happen exclusively in one area, the plant in Kifissia, where all processing excludes animal origin products and by-products usage"

Company email (March 2016)

"Please note that all METAXA Styles do not contain: gluten, eggs, lactose or nuts, just as it does not contain animal molecules. We have the pleasure to inform you that METAXA is perfectly suitable for vegetarian diet. "

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