Great Character “F” is Vegan Friendly

by Ferry Ales Brewery
Address: Ferry Hill Farm, Fiskerton
Lincoln, LN3 4HU
Phone: ‭0800 9993226‬
Checked by: James
Double checked by: Company, Danny
Added: almost 2 years ago
Double Checked: 4 days ago

Company email (December 2022)
"We do not use Isinglass. we actually use Brausol to fine our casks so all our casks are vegan friendly and have been for many years."

Company email (September 2021)

"I have a few more beers to add to the directory please:

Great Character “F”
Great Character “A”
Great Character “B”
Ferry Ales Brewery Mosquito
Ferry Ales Brewery Cossack
Ferry Ales Brewery Mandarin
Ferry Ales Brewery Kirsche
Ferry Ales Brewery Spirit Of Jane
Ferry Ales Brewery Ebenezer"

Company email (September 2019)

"I can confirm that every one of our beers/lagers is vegetarian and vegan, we DO NOT use Isinglas or any other animal based product in any of our products."

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