Machete Petite Sirah is Not Vegan Friendly

by Orin Swift Cellars
Address: 1325 Main Street
St. Helena, California, 94574
Phone: 707-967-9179
Checked by: Laura
Double checked by: Alex, Saumil
Added: almost 3 years ago

Company email (February 2021)

"We do not make any claims to being vegetarian or vegan. Our winemakers tell us that gelatin and proteins from animal or fish products and milk or eggs have been used in winemaking for centuries and are recognized as traditional methods for wine fining, or clarifying. Generally, none of these products remain in the wine because they are removed by filtration prior to bottling. A few of our premium wines that undergo minimal or no filtration prior to bottling are exceptions and therefore may not be completely free of animal products."

Company email (May 2020)

"As of current, Orin Swift makes no claims about producing vegan wine – unfortunately I cannot guarantee that our wines are vegan."

Company email (December 2011):
"all of our reds are 100% vegan but our whites are not. Our products are not manufactured anywhere else except under or watch in the Napa Valley."

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