Xanté Sour & Pear is Unknown

by Xanté
Address: Maison Heinrich, Regeringsgatan 111 4th floor, box 7327
SE-103 90 Stockholm
Email: juha.kahima@altiacorporation.com
URL: https://www.drinkxante.com/
Checked by: Linn
Double checked by: Lisa
Added: over 3 years ago

Lisa notes (December 2020) that the Xanté Coconut Cream & Pear liqueur was launched as vegan friendly as per https://spiritsnews.se/xante-goes-vegan/ - we've reached out for official confirmation

Company email (November 2014):

"Xante does not contain any animal ingredients or it is not treated with any animal based substance during production. So it is suitable for vegans. Xante is not produced elsewhere than in Altia."

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