Granville Island West Coast IPA is Vegan Friendly

by Granville Island Brewing
Address: 1441 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 3R7
Phone: 604-687-2739
Fax: 604-685-0504
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Company email (December 2020)

"All of our product is Vegan Friendly, except for any of our Honey products"

Company email (December 2014):
"All of our beers available in standard packaging, such as six or twelve packs, are free of animal products except for our Cypress Honey Lager which contains Fraser Valley Honey. In regards to our Small Batch program which is available in 650mL bottles, all of our currently made beers are free of animal products. However, if you read the label it will generally tell you what special ingredients went into a Small Batch bottle aside from the basic key ingredients of water, malt, hops & yeast. For example, our Pumpkining Pumpkin ale which includes pumpkin puree and spices states, “Pumpkin flavours and spices emerge to create a truly twisted ale.” Our kegged products are the same that are available in the smaller packaging of bottles and cans. However, all of our casked products contain isinglass. All of our beers may contain yeast and our unfiltered beers such as our Hey Day Hefeweizan contain yeast. The water we use is filtered with activated carbon derived from charcoal of which origin we cannot verify. Lastly our beer is exclusively brewed and packaged at our facilities in Canada."

Company email (December 2012):
"Of the products you listed we use diatomaceous earth to filter our beer and charcoal to filter our brewing water, I have been unable to verify the source of the charcoal for you."

Company email (December 2011):
"Other than the Honey Lager the only beers we make that are processed with an animal product are the Limited Release beers that are in casks. Limited Release beers that are packaged in bottles and 50L kegs are not processed using animal products."

Update: December 2009
Company email:
"Our Honey Lager contains honey. Otherwise you are good to go!"

Company email:
"No animal by products are used. Enjoy!"

From the FAQ:
Q: Do your beers contain isinglass or any other animal by product?
A: They do not.

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