Lana NV Prosecco is Not Vegan Friendly

by Pizzini Wines
Address: 175 King Valley Road
Whitfield, Victoria, 3678
Phone: +61 3 5729 8278
Checked by: Danielle
Double checked by: Carrie
Added: 8 months ago

Carrie notes (November 2020) that animal-based fining agents are mentioned in the maturation info for many of their wines on their website [list updated accordingly]

Company email (February 2014):
"The reds all appear to have been fined with egg white and the whites have been made with the use of milk products.

The only wine that does not have any additive on the label is the Whitefields Pinot Grigio. I have cc’d our wine maker Joel Pizzini who may elaborate on my reply.

La Cantina wines in the King Valley say they do not use preservatives but I am not sure of their wine additives."

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