Yaiza Tinto is Vegan Friendly

by Bodgeas Vega de Yuco
Address: Camino del Cabezo S/N
35572 Masdache, Tías, Lanzarote
Phone: +34 928 524 316
Email: bodega@vegadeyuco.es
URL: https://vegadeyuco.com/
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Company email (August 2020)

"Durante todas las fases de elaboración, incluida la materia prima desde el campo, no se usa nada proveniente de animal. Usamos levaduras comerciales, al igual que cortezas de levaduras. Para la clarificación usamos bentonita, y para los tintos producto a base de corteza de levadura. Mucho frío.

"Corchos tampoco tienen nada proveniente de animal, son aglomerados y en alguna referencia como los dulces son naturales."

[Google translation: "During all stages of production, including the raw material from the field, nothing from animal is used. We use commercial yeasts, as well as yeast rinds. For clarification we use bentonite, and for the reds a yeast bark based product. Very cold.

"Corks do not have anything from animal, they are agglomerated and in some reference as sweets are natural."]

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